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Texnimon is ... "the intelligent craftsman"!
Texnimon is … "mindful craft"!
Texnimon is an ancient Greek word, which we have adopted to symbolize our aims and principles!

Texnimon was founded in 1992 as a network for the provision of technical services under the moto 'all technicians just a call away', developing state-of-the-art building management services, which are still offered through one of the company’s special divisions.

In 1995, the company transformed to a technical construction and renovation company, providing customers with “turnkey” solutions and committing itself totally with respect to budget, timeframe and quality.

During 2005, power management and efficiency issues were brought forward in the market. In order to meet this market demand, our company decided to cooperate with the multinational Danish company Brunata. Through their heat distribution system, we managed to transform the central heating system of hundreds of blocks of flats into an autonomous system.

The company decided to enter the lift market in 2008 through a technical office, an activity which led the company to new paths, creating new technical experiences, this time in the area of electromechanical works.

In 2009, Texnimon decided to enter the market of household photovoltaic systems, of up to 10 kW, installing over 300 roof and terrace systems. Soon, however, it began undertaking larger-scale projects for power production in different areas of Greece.

In 2011, Texnimon invested in the area of energy efficiency through energy renovation, to the standards of peer European companies (Energy Service Companies - Escos). The energy work is carried out on the basis of a full energy and techno-economic study, in order to certify the energy performance and maximize the financial return on investment. And all that, perfectly aligned with aesthetics, as suggested by architects and interior designers. Texnimon participates in the national programme "Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings", supporting dozens of applications on behalf of its clients.

As of this year, it has implemented maintenance contracts for small- and large-scale photovoltaic installations, undertaking all services that guarantee their optimal operation. Cleaning photovoltaic modules, making the Insurance, Guarantee and Security Management; the most important service, however, is the thorough analysis and performance evaluation of the DC circuit and the Inverter, where material ageing and breakdowns can significantly reduce energy production.

To perform this detailed analysis, special diagnostic equipment is used to check the production processes, to measure the performance and to verify the reliability of the photovoltaic equipment.

We also provide, to clients who entrust us with the maintenance services of their installation, guaranteed confirmations of annual performance thus securing a return for our services.

As regards with the future, Texnimon is preparing to enter into electricity production from small and medium sized wind turbines. Thus exploiting the aeolic power of an area, starting with initial wind-turbine capacities of 1 up to 50 kW.

Texnimon’s staff of 35 consists of engineers of multiple disciplines, foremen, economists and lawyers, most of whom have graduated from Technical Universities and other Higher Education Institutes, both Greek and European. The network already consists of two franchisees in Larissa and in West Macedonia, aiming to be further expanded in the immediate future.

Texnimon is successfully achieving its basic business objective: to give its customers the path to fully exploit existing investment opportunities and to raise their living standards, by undertaking on their behalf any kind of risk and filling in any gap in specialized knowledge or covering any lack of the time required for the management of their contemporary needs.

Texnimon is a company, therefore, which does not follow developments, but ... brings them on! A company which does not just rise up to competition but ... surpasses it!